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Start Building Your Data Culture

Strategic Analytics

Aligning your underutilized information with your long-term strategy to create a data-driven culture

Poortenga Analytics is excited to help you leverage your data for success. And that excitement is contagious. When implemented effectively, data can be a powerful tool. It can create simplicity while explaining the complex.  We want to help your team have streamlined access to the insights that matter.

Data Strategy

Aligning metrics with company strategy. Although difficult, the key to successful data implementation is continuous improvement. We provide a dynamic team that can adapt to your business needs

Dashboards & Reporting

Leveraging real-time dashboards and reports to insure goals are met. Creating dynamic feedback promotes data democratization  which is critical for employee empowerment and productivity.


Getting to the heart of what drives business. Explore the metrics  with more depth and discover the ones you never knew you had.

But where to start?


We recognize that achieving this grandiose "data culture" is easier said than done. It takes time and commitment to see it through. Here is how we get the ball rolling.


The Assessment

First we discuss business needs, goals, and pain points. This will be the foundation for the development of your data strategy.


The Early Project

We strive to deliver value as soon as possible. While we are working to align your company's strategy with key metrics, we identify a few important projects right away. 


The OKRs

We build an Objective and Key Results (OKRs) model that ties your operations to the most important metrics throughout your business. This structure promotes transparency and collaboration.


Why does your company need to invest in their data strategy?



of leading executives report having a greater urgency to invest in data-driven initiatives


of leading companies identify cultural challenges being the primary obstacle for data initiatives


of leading companies are increasing the pace of their Big Data and AI investments


of leading companies feel they have forged a data culture

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“You have to figure out how to really democratize the data-analytics capability, which means you have to have a platform through which people can easily access data.” 


—  Ted Colbert, Boeing

About Us


Poortenga Analytics has evolved from a unique beginning in marketing research, microlending, and business consulting. In the process, we discovered how to leverage data for strategic planning. Now we want to leverage it for you!

We are looking to partner with businesses, Non-Profits, Business Management Consultants, Software Developers, Strategists and the decision makers that want to develop data culture as a core competency.

Our analysts work alongside your team to discover the metrics that matter most, all the while delivering valuable data-centered projects from the very beginning. Data is here to stay and those companies who leverage it effectively are likely to separate themselves from those who do not. Seeing how it all works together can be challenging. Change management is not easy. True marriage of data and strategy takes time. Our goal is to lessen the burden of getting started and grow together in today's data saturated world.


Client Testimonials


Adam Hoeksema
Executive Director at Bankable

We had data, lots of data, but we weren't able to effectively use it to make business decisions.  Poortenga Analytics helped us by taking our data, organizing it, ensuring that it was complete and accurate, and then visualizing the data in live dashboards.  That allowed our team to make data-driven decisions in real-time while also utilizing the data for long-term strategic planning.  I highly recommend Poortenga Analytics to help you solve business challenges with data.

Arin Anderson

As the owner of a creative studio it is very important to me to have partners in the competencies that neighbor what we do. It’s easy to get people excited about creative work, it’s not always easy to get them to understand the ROI of it all. Poortenga Analytics makes analytics and measurement accessible, interesting, and engaging for our clients. From custom databases to social media, from surveys and focus groups to analytical management, they have a knack for using analytics and research to affect change. If you are looking for a highly skilled analytical manager, if you need someone that can create analytical processes, or if you simply need someone that can act as a second set of eyes on your projects, I highly recommend working with Poortenga Analytics. Their insights, attention to detail, and ability to predict scalable need have been invaluable to us.


So let's take a look at that data...


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